Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

You are often the first people to meet the homeless on your way to work, sometimes in the doorway of your workplace or in the city centre. The most effective way of changing this situation may not be immediately clear to you - take a look at our short video which outlines our unique approach. We need your help.

Ways You Can Help


Regular or one off financial support.

We’d love to talk to you about this, preferably over a brew! We like to get to know people who fund us and for you to know exactly how those funds make a difference.


Jobs, apprenticeships or training.

Our guests will need opportunities like this once they are housed. Also, can you or your HR staff teach our guests job readiness or inspire potential entrepeneurs?


Gifts in kind.

Do you have a product or service you think might be helpful to us? Such as cleaning, bed linen, hair cuts, fuel, bus parts, toiletries, coffee, socks, etc.


Get the bus to your office!

Show your staff your commitment to those in need and take a look around our bus.

Thank you for your interest in Embassy. We'd love to get to know you - please get in touch!

Contact Sid Williams at or on 07939 909640