About Us

Homelessness in Greater Manchester

Homelessness is growing in the UK and the streets are a trap.

The long process of recovering ID documents, meeting with the council and housing associations and opening a bank account can often stall as lack of sleep, exhaustion and confusion get in the way. Without a bed people are in survival mode and are focussed on coping with each passing hour and often won’t be able to keep track of their appointments. In this state of mind they can't easily hold down a job or make it to meetings, and vital steps of the rehousing process are often missed.

Rest is vital. Our emergency beds are needed so that people can escape the streets, get some sleep and get the support they need to face each step with clarity and purpose. Without somewhere to shelter while they are going through the rehousing process, a tough challenge becomes almost impossible.

Resettlement is key. There is a lack of resettlement workers in Greater Manchester meaning that little assistance in finding employment, accommodation or home visits after resettlement are available.

Our Story


We quickly realised short term emergency accommodation wasn’t enough, so 5 months after our first guest stepped onto the bus, we employed a full time Resettlement Manager. This, coupled with growing offers of work from local companies meant we became a programme. Our guests are given the opportunity to work at one of our Corporate Partner’s businesses so that they can save up first month’s rent and a deposit and be guided through the process into private rental accommodation, all with the support of our highly skilled Resettlement Manager. We also visit housed guests regularly to help them be successful in their new home.

What happened in our first year of operation?


Ultimately, we want our guests to recover from the street, discover that they are loved by God and people, that they have a life full of purpose, get into work, get into private accommodation and then remain part of community so that they are stable going forward.

A Special Thanks

(Narrow Gate Shelter)

We are extremely grateful to be based on MCM’s site and for the use of their shower and storage facilities.
Their advice and support was key in launching Embassy and our continued partnership is invaluable.

We also want to thank our friends Tim Heatley and Adam Higgins from Capital & Centric who have been founding partners in launching Embassy. We share the vision to house the homeless, and they helped us purchase the bus.


Embassy is looking for more Corporate Sponsors to offer funds to help us run the project. Click below to find out how you can make a difference.