About Us

Embassy is a charity that is surrounded by experienced agencies – together we can empower people to leave homelessness behind them and hope for the future.

We will provide emergency beds for 14 people each night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, on our adapted and re-purposed tour bus. The bus will be staffed with a skilled permanent manager and a team of highly-trained and caring volunteers.


We work in partnership with other organisations to provide connections for the clients on-board, such as:

Manchester City Mission (Narrow Gate Shelter) – we are extremely grateful to be based on MCM’s site and for the use of their shower and storage facilities. Their advice and support has been key in launching Embassy.

Key Workers are a vital point of contact for clients and help people through the steps of form filling and appointments that can eventually lead to accommodation being found.

We work with drugs and addiction agencies to ensure clients get the support they need.

We take people off the streets who have been assessed and referred by their key workers and are committed and motivated to the challenge of getting back on track. We are open to all, from all backgrounds. As long as our clients report to the bus on time each night, follow some basic rules and engage with the process, the bed is theirs until they are provided with more permanent accommodation.

We will provide physical, mental and spiritual rest and care with a Christian faith-based focus.