Embassy supports our residents from street to housed and employed, with training and aftercare so they can run their own home and contribute back into society.

Read on to find out how we do this… and how you can help.

Launched in 2019, Embassy used a re-purposed tour bus to provide emergency shelter and support to vulnerable adults, however we've reinvented what we do because of covid closing UK shelters. We now rent houses, providing our residents
with their own room - something many have dreamed of for a long time.

Our resettlement workers and dedicated team of volunteers teach our residents to budget, shop and cook whilst mentoring, discipling and guiding them through a recovery course. We then aim to find them employment through our local corporate partners and we find and help them sustain permanent accommodation. This eases council housing queues and usually means we house people without the need for benefits. We also visit housed guests regularly for up to 6 months to support them after they leave our shared houses.


All our residents have been assessed and referred by key workers at partnering councils and agencies. Residents must be motivated and committed to the process and we are open to all men aged 18+, from all backgrounds. As long as they follow some basic rules and engage with the process, the room is theirs until they are provided with more permanent accommodation.

We also have exciting plans to develop 40 modular homes so we can give people their own front door.
Watch this space for more information.