Embassy is more than an emergency shelter. We support our guests from street to housed and employed, with no need for benefits and we also provide aftercare.

Read on to find out how, and how you can help.

Embassy is a creative response to an urgent need. Emergency shelter is needed but finding new beds or building hostels takes time and significant investment. Buildings are costly to rent and planning permission can be difficult. A tour bus is cheaper and needs no permissions.

Launched in January 2019, Embassy uses a re-purposed luxury band tour bus to provide emergency shelter and support to vulnerable men in Greater Manchester. Within the 12-berth bus we provide a safe space, a bed, food and secure storage for people in need, free of charge. That’s up to 4,380 nights off the street each year, staffed with skilled managers and a team of trained and caring volunteers.



All our guests have been assessed and referred by key workers at partnering councils and agencies. Guests must be motivated and committed to the process. We are open to all men aged 18+, from all backgrounds and guests stay for free even if they are in employment. As long as our clients report to the bus on time each night, follow some basic rules and engage with the process, the bed is theirs until they are provided with more permanent accommodation.

Once settled, multiple local corporate partners employ our guests so that men can save up to move on to private rental accommodation. This eases council housing queues and usually means we house people without need for benefits.

Our resettlement work includes supporting guests into and at work, helping them find accommodation and visiting housed guests regularly for 2 months after they leave the bus.